How To Wear And Tie A Bandana

Levi's Men's Printed Bandana Set,Assorted,One Size

These are men’s bandanas but also perfect for women too. There was no Levi’s logo on each bandana, instead of “made in China”.  Mainly, you can use them for decorating your bags so I don’t really care about it.

What’s the color?. You can purchased a red, white and blue set. And each color is exactly what I expected! Especially red and navy are really nice, not cheaply bright color.

The size is also very versatile so I can use them as a headband or neck bow tie as well.

The material is a little stiff but I think this is because of coatings. Maybe they are going to be a little softer after wash. But this is cotton, so remember they are not going to be super soft like viscose or polyethylene!.

You can elevate some basic bandanas to your fashion, even look adorable for your dog too!.

Now how to wash bandana?.

Just wash them the old fashion way, with a light detergent, so that the color does not fade.

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